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Shisui - Leather Crossbody Sling bag

A bag created to keep you stylish and safe  

Shisui provides you with supreme versatility and Comfort! Spacious, sturdy, and secured by a lock, our cross bag can keep you accommodated for any occasion!

Don’t let its elegant design fool you, Shisui is water-repellent, well suited for your outdoor adventures, and always ready to keep you accommodated in style!

You’ll find great capacity inside plus some extra hidden space only you'll know about. Ensure nothing will stop you from seizing the day, and keep your items safe in style!

Why Shisui is for you

Theft-proof design- Keep your precious belongings secured at all times, lock them with a password only you will be able to open them!

Space for everything- Take everything you need on your travels, find room for all your essentials plus some hidden pockets for the more important things!

Unrivaled versatility- Stylish enough for meeting and sleek for outdoor meet-ups with friends, Shisui is the best choice for any activity!

Shisui is the ultimate choice- Go out ready to conquer your day in style, and keep your belongings safe, strapped, and always at your side!

Hi, my name is Jake. One of the Co-founders of OMF Bags. Not too long ago, I was on a honeymoon trip with my wife to Paris. While commuting in the subway I got surrounded by a group of Men. Like a magician, one tried to distract me by grabbing my leg while the other unzipped my crossbody bag and took some of my valuables. That incident, though, within a few minutes left a scar on my life.

It was then that, I decided to go on a mission to seek a crossbody bag that could deter theft. Shisui - Leather Crossbody Sling bag is slowly gaining popularity for its smooth leather material. I highly recommend looking into Suigetsu - Anti Theft Bag for a Tough and Sleek look. When feeling insecure or unsafe latch the zipper to the number lock to prevent being a target of pickpockets.

We understand waiting time is not the shortest and seek your patience and understanding.

We assure all our bags are reasonably priced as we do not want to forfeit the quality of our bags.

Best Regards
Jake Kairos

Main Material: PU Leather
Dimension: 32 x 16 x 9 cm

How To Set Up Lock Code
1. Put the dials at their original default number 0-0-0;
2. Press down fully on the lock/unlock button and at the same time set the combination of your choice (example 8-8-8) then, 
3. Release the lock/unlock button and it will be tuned to the lock combination of your choice
Please remember your code by heart <3

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