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Our Story

Greatness Within 

Due to the limited online shops offered to men, we are on a mission to create this online platform to enhance shopping for all men to shop at their convenience. Looking at your best cultivates optimism. Therefore, OMF strives in bringing out that spark in you. 

With an abundance of enthusiasm from our team, OMF constantly seeks to cater every man's desire with a variety of trending and quality men's Bags at a reasonable value price.

Why OMF?

We don't just want you to be good, we want you to be Great! True Greatness is not determined by the power a person command or the amount of wealth he or she has. We Believe the 3 Sparks to ignite Greatness are:

Optimistic - Stay hopeful and confident even in difficult times

Magnanimous - Be generous and forgiving to anyone

Fearless - Strong and courageous in all situations

May You Unlock Your Greatness Within

True Greatness always requires regular, consistent, small, and sometimes ordinary and mundane steps over a long period of time - Howard W. Hunter